The truth needs to come out.   We have been hurt beyond imagination, it is one thing to leave a relationship, it is another to mislead, lie, and destroy 7 years without any explanation.   A partnership of 3 now, 2 stood behind the brand that we all agreed on, we waited more than a year hoping that the person that we allowed into our life, shared our bank accounts, our most intimate secrets and never once thought of walking away from the problems that came with her.   Tiffany Wilson took 7 years from us and 4 years of hard work, more than 100k in capital and thousands of hours from us without notice or even discussing it.   We always included her on everything we did even after all the lies, we still respected her privacy and opinion.   

We want to apologize to the fans, friends, and customers that became part of our daily life for the past 4 years.   We have decided to move forward with what we can as the person that we loved, believed in, and allowed into our life is unrecognizable.  We have all had friends, partners or lovers that have let us down but none have ever come even close to what she has done to us.  As hard as we tried to remember the positive parts of the last 7 years she spent the last year destroying it.  

- The Old Hailey Young.com site will be coming live 

- The Real Life of Hailey Young site will be coming live

We will be sharing the story as we roll out the sites because we want your comments, questions and support.  We did amazing work and we have a lot of content that we never got to share.   We had hoped that she would come back stronger, sober, and more reliable but we also never pushed her to come back to the adult side of things.  We understand that drugs and the adult industry do go hand in hand except when you treat it like a business which is something she was amazing at.  That's the only reason we started "The Real Life of Hailey Young".   Kaya and Hailey were amazing and it's sad that it ended that way.   

1)  Her ex-girlfriend, a partner Kaya used 100k of her mothers inheritance to start this business, it wasn't just an adult site and Tiffany promised to make sure she got that back, well she is now denying that ever happened.   (Hence she is moving forward on the expansion of HaileyYoung.com)

2) The thousands of dollars and number of hours that lawyers, engineers, and others spent working to accmodate Tiffany's requirements so the business could continue is amazing, they believed in all of us and she walked away.  Her excuse of putting the adult life in her past was bullshit, we didn't need to use her and she knew it.  She is the one that backed every tweet and move we made, it was a requirement by us, we would not do a thing without her approval, nice to see she had the same respect.   So those of you that thought we were doing things without her knowledge, she was involved.  

3) When you have a relationship for 7 years you act like adults but when you have a business people depend on you.   We will pay back every customer who spent money and never received what they paid for.