Just an update.  The old site has been indexed and uploaded to a new platform.  We have also begun work on resolving some of the issues and of course on Hailey's retirement from the industry.   We want to bring the very best to her fans, friends and of course those of you who were part of "The Real Hailey Young Project".   Bringing all of this back up has been very time consuming and of course what started as something special has changed dramatically.  Some things we will be selling off to the true Hailey Young collectors as we know she impacted many people over the years.  For those that knew the three of us, we hope that you enjoyed what we worked so hard on.   

We will not give up on something that we put so much time and energy into Especially for all of you who helped through the good times and bad.   We made promises and we will come through on many but some we won't be able to and we truly appreciate the respect and love that you showed through all of it. 

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