On December 1st 2012 three of us were living together for 4 years and decided to share our lives with our fans, friends, lovers and many more.    A lot of things happened over the 4 years.  We met some great friends and we also had people steal from us, struggled with loss of family members and so much more.   The one thing we never did was forget who our fans / friends were.   We made promises we tried to keep and we invested capital and thousands of hours building something that would share our life with you.   Well, we are not done, we are going to deliver on what we promised even though things took a turn for the worse.  We never expected to have things end the way they did, we were in a relationship but also a business.  Two of us never stopped believing or working on what was an amazing project to only have it stolen. without warning.   

We also will continue to honor our commitment to the original partnership, hell we are still taking care of her dog.   

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