She is in good hands and is thinking of all of you!!
For any fans that she owes panty sales or custom videos we have a delay, for panties, we will need to either wash and re-shoot and skype shows and custom video orders, you are on the top of the list.  Please remember a couple things, you will see tweets and posts as we are working on her site but it's her team of two, GF and BF keeping the business side going.   The great thing is FINALLY this sinus / allergy is being taken care of.   I hope to have her site up and running this week and she should be home in 5 days.   I know she is thinking of you, I hope you guys think of her.    (Team Hailey).
If You Want to Help - Email (even $10 will help her) 

A Few Real Life Examples

Everything we are doing is real life, yes I am still shooting but what I really want to do is share a part of my life that truly turns me on.  I am going to begin sharing these things with you and see what you think, what intersests you and what you would like to be a part of.

Copyright @ Hailey Young Mobile
Copyright @ Hailey Young Mobile
Copyright @ Hailey Young Mobile

More Cumming Soon

Hey Fans, Friends, Lovers, and Perverts!! It's me and I am working hard to get back online and bring back the "Real Life of Hailey Young".   It has been a rough few months personally as well as the last few years as we have been working hard to make a real business out of bringing you my real life.  Some of the things we have been working on;

1 - Get my membership site back up with new content
2 - Being online and available to my fans  on a regular basis
3 - Continue doing custom video's
4 - All the thing needed to make a real business work!!


Panty Sale

If you got this link than you are one of my fav fan's and this is just an example of what you will get when you order a pair of my panties!!

For every order you get;

- A signed 8x11 just for you
- 10 - 15 HD pic's of me doing naughty things, if you have any special requests, let me know
- They are sealed just for you and shipped in a plain envelope.  I can accomadate special shipping if needed.


Get Your Custom Video

I am also offering a super hot custom video of me cumming in the panties just for you.  I don't fake it and will cum sooo hard just for you.  You will have me screaming your name as I cum making them extra wet right before I put them in the ziploc bag to send out to you.  

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE (Lower quality, time, etc)

Custom Video

Do you want a custom video of me getting off thinking of you, moaning your name, wearing the panties that you bought?  Well I have a special deal for you, it's super naughty and you can't tell anyone.   For $50 extra, I will do just that, just tell me what you would like to see, anything special?

Live Skype Show

Live, hot private show of me getting off , talking to you, getting to know what you like?  I love all fetishes, role-playing, dirty talk and more, but gettting off live in your panties is super fucking hot and VERY REAL.   I offer differentt prices but I promise, no other porn star does what I do, a 30 min Skype show can last an hour because I am having fun.  Just ask me for pricing and details.